Power of color

We like a colorful world, colors affect people’s moods and feelings, before choosing the color of your bedroom or bathroom you should be aware of how colors work on the psychology and how to choose them harmoniously. The impact of interaction of individual colors on the well-being of the man is obvious. Everyone, often not consciously looking for the balance of calm and vivid colors, warm and cold. When choosing the right colors for residential interiors you need to remember that each color has a stamp.

White color-
Neutral, gives the impression of brightness and room width. Recommended in small rooms and lots of furniture. Broken with brown or green, it weakens white.

Yellow color-
Warm. It works cheerfully, vividly, cheerfully. Recommended for little sun rooms, from the north side. Warm yellow, broken red affords a sense of coziness.
Light yellow, strengthens brightness, avoid lemon shades, human faces acquire pallor.

Red colour-
Warm. Visible, active acts stimulant. It should be used on small surfaces, because it works in large numbers in anxiety and causes tiredness of sight.
Red color can be calmed down by a small admixture of brown.

Orange color-
Warm. It should not be used in small rooms, rather aggressive eyesight. It acts vigorously on small surfaces.

Brown color
Warm. Bright brown in tone to the sandy color evokes a feeling of security and coziness. Dark brown calms down.

Green color-
The color of rest, the mood is clear, and soothing. Recommended in dining rooms and rest rooms.

Blue color-
Cold. It gives the impression of lightness, space and depth. It completes the sunlit rooms.

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